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Fitting Your Waist Cincher

If you’ve never worn a waist trainer before, then now you will understand why they say that the first time is definitely never to be forgotten. You measured yourself and ordered according to the sizing chart, and now you need to put it on. It won’t be easy, but we’ve got you covered. Watch the video below or follow the instructions.

Maxine® waist trainers’ 3 rows of hooks and eye-closures allow you to gradually train your waist and control your shape, so that you can size down as you progress.

  1. The waist trainer should be worn underneath your clothes to promote heat and perspiration.Maxine Sport Waist Cincher Blue - starwhite
  2. Start on the row that you will feel comfortable with (usually the first, loosest row).
  3. When putting the trainer on, wrap it around your midsection placing the bottom of the waist cincher above your belly or the area that bulges outward the most. Make sure that the hooks are on the right side, and the eye-closures on the left. It really does help a lot to contract your abdomen.
  4. Start fastening the hooks from the bottom up. Take hold of the cincher from the bottom (one hand on each side) and overlap the two sides until you secure the bottom hook. At this point, it’s not really important where the cincher is positioned, bec
    ause you will pull it down and position it later. Remember that the waist cincher can stretch a bit.
  5. Now you can pull the waist trainer down slightly over your waist, and fasten the next hook from the bottom. Work your way up in a slow fashion, securing the remaining hooks while also pulling the cincher down to position as you see fit. Don’t worry if some hooks unfasten as you make your way up, just secure them again.
  6. Keep working your way up until you reach the top hooks. Once you have fastened the last of them, adjust your cincher so that it sits straight through the length of your torso.
  7. You have successfully put on your waist cincher and now you can let it work its magic.



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